Jakobey Márton – tenor

Jakobey MártonHe was born in 1976, he is married, and the father of two children. He lives in the suburbs of Budapest, in Rákoscsaba. He has a degree as an English teacher.

After the less successful years of musical education (eg. violin), he played the guitar in some rock groups in Balassi Bálint Grammar School, but the breakthrough was in 1992 when he joined the school’s mixed choir. Here he had an opportunity to sing numerous pieces of the choral literature, and was given such experience that turned him to dealing with choral music and singing in greater depth. As a member of the school choir, he participated in the performance of Orff’s Carmina Burana, conducted by Hollerung Gábor in 1995, and which was followed by an annual series of oratorio performances.

In 1997, he started to attend private singing lessons under the instruction of H. Németh Lujza. One year later he was admitted to the Bartók Béla Conservatory of Budapest, and was taught by Németh Márta. He finished his studies in 2002. He has worked with the Honvéd Male Choir as a subsidiary member.

In 1997 as a college student, he founded Vox Nova Vocal Ensemble, which was then a five-membered male choir. 1998 the ensemble had master-classes in Oldenburg with Thomas Busch.